Usage Of Stun Guns For Self Defense

Use Of Stun Guns For Personal Defense

As lately as a decade ago, a stun gun that had 1,000,000 volts was deemed to be a potent stun gun. Nowadays you can still come across stun guns with 1,000,000 volts and they are still useful. But due to breakthroughs in technology and demands of customers it is not uncommon nowadays to find stun guns constantly in the 3,000,000 to 20,000,000 volt range and indeed much more powerful stun guns.

With acts of violence against females an ever-increasing peril, stun gun manufacturers like Stun Master and others have made big advances in building smaller, more powerful stun guns. And believe it or not they are in fact more affordable than they were even several years ago.

Stun Master brand has been producing stun weapons for the last 30 years and this 20,000,000 volt model referred to as “runt” is one of the strongest stun guns as of this writing. It is rechargeable having a built-in slide out charger is only 4 ¼” x 1 5/8” x 1” inches.

Just like all other Stun Master merchandise it has a lifetime warranty. It includes the popular disable pin wrist strap which when used appropriately disables the stun gun should it be taken from you in a struggle. As a added bonus it has an integrated 100 lumen LED flashlight.

Technology is improving constantly and what is the most powerful stun gun today may be out gunned the day after.

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