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PAP is a preparation program for International nurses (Kenntnisprüfung Vorbereitungsprogramm - Knowledge exam preparatory program) who wish to get registered as a hospital nurse in Germany. Re. family, spouse and children under 18 can apply join the main applicant under ” Family-reunion visa” even while the main applicant is on the is possible immediately after the main applicant received a resident permit that includes a student resident permit after a month of arrival in Germany.
Apart from your nursing qualifications and work experience, you will need to clear your IELTS test by scoring at least 7.0 in all the four segments of the test conducted in academic Elderly care module to qualify to start processing your application to register with the NMC as a foreign educated nurse and also apply to a UK Government hospital for a job to work as a nurse.

7. has not been convicted of an offence wilfully committed in the federal territory; fines totalling up to 50 daily rates or up to 90 daily rates in the case of offences which, in accordance with the Residence Act or the Asylum Act, can only be committed by foreigners shall be ignored as a general principle.
The German Federal Employment Agency's International Placement Services (ZAV) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH have set up a joint project to bring well-qualified nurses to Germany from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Philippines and Tunisia.

However, many foreign nurses are not accustomed to the amount of independent judgment and time spent documenting medical care required by the American system, according to the studies of Professor Yu (Philip) Xu of University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), one of only a few researchers in the nation who study how this population adjusts as part of the American workforce.
A full recognition of your professional qualifications: This means that your qualifications have been found to be fully equivalent to the corresponding German qualification and that you have also met all of the other requirements (for example language skills).
A foreigner who applies for a residence title pursuant to sentence 1, no. 2 must submit to the competent authority documentation on his academic education to date and on the intended course of studies in Germany which verifies that the studies in the federal territory constitute a continuation of the studies completed to date.

EN Enrolled Nurses, ENG Enrolled General, ENM Enrolled Mental Health , HCA Health Care Assistants, Care Assistants, Midwives , RFN Registered Fever, RHV Registered Health Visitor, RM Registered, RMN Registered Mental, RN, RGN , Registered General, RSCN Registered Sick Children's, SEN State Enrolled and all other Specialist Nurses.
A partial recognition of your professional qualifications: If the authority scrutinising your application finds that your level of theoretical and practical skills is not sufficient for your qualifications to be fully recognised, you can opt to take an adaptation course in Germany which will bring your qualifications in line with the requirements.

The Ulmer-Pflege24 was founded in 2004, the year of accession of Poland and nine other Central and Eastern European states to the EU. Focus of the international company is the recruitment of skilled workers and professional groups of health care from Eastern Europe to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
3. the foreigner's subsistence cannot be assured without claiming benefits in accordance with Book Two or Book Twelve of the Social Code or youth welfare pursuant to Book Eight of the Social Code, unless the foreigner is in education or training which leads to a recognised school or vocational qualification.

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