Lalique Encre Noire A L'extreme Eau De Parfum

I think this is an oddity that to me is unwearable. I could be wrong and people could rock it but I find this kne displeasing on paper, on my skin and on people I pranked with it. It is dark and has an ink quality with vetiver but it also smells lifeless. I would imagine the grim reaper smelling like that. I purchased this fragrance during Fall of 2020 as a blind buy, upon reading and viewing online reviews of this magnificent scent. Cypress and vetiver done absolutely right.
If Dracula use a fragrance it’s Encre Noir. Many positive comments from people they don’t think of it like the “Dracula” fragrance they like the oriental aromatic masculine smell. Encre Noir is a very vetiver forward scent. The vetiver is the main player here by far. It smells inky, smoky, and woody, like smelling a vetiver right out of the bottle.

The only ones I could think of which could stand next to it are Dior Fahrenheit and Guerlain Shalimar. I highly doubt that anyone would be displeased with this Lalique’s timeless design. The fragrance was created as a successor to the original Encre Noire from 2006 and the Sport version from 2013 as a more intense masculine edition. The new edition should remind us of the “Encrier” glassware designed by Rene Lalique in 1913. Lalique is an old French glassmaker company from the 19th century and their first perfume Lalique de Lalique came out in 1992. Nonetheless, as glassmakers, they were always closely related to perfumery. The fragrance community had asked for a richer version of the original for a good decade, and Lalique had finally released the EDP version in 2015.
I love Guerlain’s vetiver too, and to me, it’s a perfect pick-me-up perfume. I should definitely try this one too since you rate it so highly. I love its nutty, smoky yet transparent character and that burnt sugar note is so special. If you’re after musky petals, then Pour Elle is a good choice, but if you want whisky soaked woods and salty licorice, just go over to the men’s section. Like most vetivers, Encre Noire has great longevity and presence, but unlike rich flowers or gourmand ambers, it’s not distracting. It means business and helps me get mine done. Yet, when I’m ready to relax, nothing is more seductive than a few drops of this dark vetiver under a silk camisole.

Encre Noire À L’Extrême (or ‘L’Extrême‘ as it is hereafter referred to for brevity) starts out all vetiver and no excuses. The vetiver is calm at the eye of the storm, but is shadowed by a turbulent veil of elemi and spice as the scent is unleashed with force from the atomiser. Lalique have always been deeply synonymous with opulence – and here, the cubic bottle is weighty and rich, crowned with a black wood cap. A little as if the bottle is ‘undressing’, it shows the rich Cognac hues of the juice within. I consider Encre Noire to be one of the best perfumes of this century. That you can buy a bottle for under $30 makes it a steal.
If you like mature scents but don't want something too dirty, this is a good choice. I think Lalique's "exchanged the bottles between them"😂 when they released Encre Noir and Encre Noir a l'extreme. In my humble opinion, you can't find more extreme designer perfume than Encre Noir. Encre Noire is like taking a walk through the woods in that time in the fall when it's just gotten too cold to go out without a jacket.
@desiEscobar if you can smell iso E super, then there is a huge difference between Sport/Regular and Extreme. EN and ENS are both iso E bombs - like a Febreeze room spray. Extreme actually smells like vetiver, wood and ink. My one and only gripe is that this fragrance has almost zero projection.

Licorice, leather, pencil shavings, pine . I'm sure I'll be thought of as "old-fashioned" for daring to gender a scent, but this is far too masculine for me to feel comfortable wearing. I think I would adore it on a man, if applied with a light hand. Vetiver often rubs me the wrong way - feeling medicinal, bitter, triggering the dread and anxiety I associate with a hospital visit. I'm delighted that this is a lovely, earthy, soothing vetiver. I had been waiting long time to get a bottle of this super hyped cheapie. Finally, I got it and it was clear to me that the ingredients were of excellent quality.
Not my sort of thing, maybe everyone else will love it. I would buy it for that gorgeous bottle alone. On me it is drier, darker and considerably smokier than VE, but surprisingly not as spicy. As it turns out, Encre Noire is even better than I could have hoped. I love it, and I can see reaching for it frequently (and as we all know, the two aren't always related). DecantX takes decanting fragrance very seriously.

It definitely becomes a skin scent very quickly, again, maybe I'm just becoming nose blind way too fast, but I did expect better with all the talk read more this gets. This could be a great fragrance only if it was a bit more projecting. This is the best of the three to my nose so I only kept this one.
Lastly, when the decant sample is ready, it is thoroughly and thoughtfully wrapped for shipping. is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men which could also be worn by women. The fragrance contains the dominant notes of Vetiver, Cypress, Cashmere Wood and Musk. A slightly rank/green vetiver charred with the suggestion of loam, smoke from burning rubber. It is pretty similar to BBW Black too, but richer and deeper. I would consider this a perfect unisex smoked vetiver scent. It’s not like we all are supposed to like the same thing.

Encre Noire is ok, it’s versatile and has good performance. Not the most exciting fragrance out there but it does the job. I actually got both of those samples as well. I think of the 5 Lalique samples I tried, Hommage a l'homme Voyageur was my favorite. I did like Sport more than Encre Noire, as well.
Sprayed too much on my first go and it was a borderline nauseating experience. More synthetic than expected, with ink coming through a lot. Brings to mind accidentally ending up with a mouthful of ink after chewing on the end of biro. There is a kind of sickened, chemical, deep sea mood to it, like a dark green nautical-themed kids' shampoo/shower gel. It has good longevity and projection as well. I am looking to part with my used bottles on the cheap.
With some of my favorite notes, I feel a bit intimidated to approach them, because there is so much to say and write. I love vetivers though, so I’ll be checking this out soon. Anyway, i have to agree, “Encre Noire Pour Homme” is a fantastic fragance, i am on my fourth bottle. When i had tried the women’s version for the first time, i was a little bit disappointed, because i’ve expected something in common with the men’s version. Encre Noire may not seem like an obvious choice, especially when we have vetiver gold standards like Guerlain Vétiver and Frédéric Malle Vétiver Extraordinaire. Without a doubt, those are perfumes that must be sampled at least once, but what makes Encre Noire so compelling is its elegance and versatility. It’s also impeccably crafted and memorable.

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