Is Bitcoin The Best Investment For 2020?

While 2019 was a great year for crypto and crypto regulation, 2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger and pivotal year for the crypto industry. Ten years later, gold has done well for itself touching a high of $1,542 per ounce and that's a fairly decent +38% gain In the last decade bitcoin, however, has gained a whopping +8,999,900% and this year alone, BTC has outpaced gold's market performance in the last ten years.
Once you have a functional forex account, and you have learnt all the fundamental and basic investment practices, you will need to understand how to interpret and apply other forex trading resources like forex signals, alerts, fundamental and analysis tools.

If you are going to regularly perform operations with bitcoins, mobile and desktop wallets are more suitable for you, and if you invest a large amount in the cryptocurrency for a long time, your choice is reliable hardware devices and computer wallets.
The final year of the decade has been a volatile one for cryptocurrency and blockchain, encompassing wild swings in the price of the original digital token Bitcoin and the first major step for big tech into the sector with the announcement of Facebook Inc 's ( NASDAQ:FB ) Libra cryptocurrency.

The approval of a publicly traded bitcoin ETF would also very likely boost the price of bitcoin to new highs as the above-mentioned institutional investors, as well as private investors who are not very versed in technology, would now be able to freely invest in the digital currency through the ETF.
As a decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin is generated by the collective computing power of "miners," individuals and pools of people working to verify transactions which take place on the Bitcoin network and are then rewarded for their time, computing power, and effort with bitcoins.

Although stock markets could be set to power higher going into 2020 following the calming of nerves around the US-China trade dispute and the return of political stability to the UK, that doesn't mean the global economy will deliver the sort of industrial production surge that could drive crude prices higher - or those of other cyclical commodities such as copper, stuck in a downtrend since May 2018.
The ultimate proof of this can be found in our gold price forecast that was featured on 2 major financial sites: How Gold Could Stage a 20% Rally This Year published on Barron's as well as Why gold's a ‘bargain' at less than $1,300 an ounce published on MarketWatch.

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